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Probably not. But if you are a girl who likes girls you'll enjoy this game!

Join the crew despite being a prisoner. Piss off Mindy Starcast. Be hit on by a f*ck boy. Or simply enjoy all the glory of being a pirate lesbian in space?

A PG (minor cussing) Dating simulator for Girls who like Girls.

Note: this is a proof of concept for the game. This prototype is still under construction and is incredibly flawed. It needs its grammar to be corrected, art to be replaced, and lengthened, among other things. 

Published Jan 13, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorBraincake Productions
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Dating Sim, Gay, gxg, Lesbian, LGBT
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Love the game in the characters! I played every route and made sure to kick Baren in the crotch as many times as I could! Good luck on making the game!

Anyway, I'm super psyched for this, and happy to follow whatever the developer goes on to do even if this game doesn't end up getting completed!


The people who made this game are liberal snowflakes.

You kinda seem like the snowflake, if you're so bothered by someone making a fun game.

Everyone likes snowflakes!

I'm really excited for this!!! I'm a lesbian and I don't know what it is about the concept of lesbian pirates but it does feel emphatically right.

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What good is it being a lesbian. you cant reproduce without a man for christ sakes.

I don't want to reproduce, I WANT to kiss women. But also, that's super cissexist- you can totally reproduce without a man.


You just showed your true colors. you are a SJW. Get lost and stay off the internet.

I really really love how you said "showed your true colors", as if it's an insult, or as if I was trying to HIDE being an SJW. That's hysterical. Thanks for the laugh, man.


It was not meant as a joke. if you want to say that it was an insult, then it is. Stay off the drugs and stay off the computer, freak.

is reproduction the only thing you care about when choosing a partner? If so that's pretty sad

Is that your only excuse? a talking point?


this game idea is so cool!!! don't listen to the homophobes, keep doing what you do <3


Get rid of this crap.

Why should they?


Because its heresy

wow ur a gross human

And you are a immoral person, faggot lover